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i have tried to get my son help for depression and suicidal thoughts. here in indiania. he has been out of work for over a year and with the way things are going no jobs around there is nothing out there. so no insurance! no one is willing to help!! i am at a loss as to what to do...i am so desperate to help but what can i do? the last time i finally got him to a hospital they kept him for 24 hrs ask him how he felt sent him home then sent him a bill for $5000 then harrassed him for payment! That just about sent him over the edge. So much for my good intentions. i am really just at my wits end... any suggestions. i don't want to end up on tv with him dead and people going only if we new we could of helped because they don't help!:mad:

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What sort of "community" place did he go to? The place he would need to go to would be a community mental health center which is generally part of the public health service in any given community. Most larger towns and cities will have at least one. Yes the funding situation is dreadful, but these clinics do continue to exist, and they do have a mission to mange the mental health of the most severe patients in their community regions. If your son is without other resources, your local CMHC is the place he needs to go to. If they turn him away, and he has no other resources, I really don't know what to tell you.

In any event, you might hire a private social worker familiar with the resource situation in your area to consult with you on what is available for your son's treatment. If you can't locate one in the yellow pages, try calling the local hospital who will employ patient advocates or ombudsman and try networking that angle to locate someone who can fulfill the consulting role you need.

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