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I went out with a girl for about 5 months, and we got rele close, and at first both of us said we wanted to wait for marrige before having sex, but about 3 weeks before we broke up, we had sex.:eek: Since we broke up I have started to get really close to this other girl, but now my X wants to get back together with me....

I dont know what to do, because I rele like this other girl, but I dont know if it will work between us, but then my X said she wants to get back together with me, and tho I still love her im not sure weather it will work, because I only really consider it coz of what my X and I have done together....

I really need help with this one....

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi aTrolley,

Welcome to our web site and I hope you find lots of support here.

No one can tell you what to do. You have to follow your own heart. You seem to think that the two of you (the first girl) did something terrible or wrong and that is silly. If you love her then go back to her. I am guessing that both of you got scared after you had sex. Are the two of you young, as in your twenties or younger?

You know, nobody can ever guarantee if a relationship will work out or not. That is why you should follow your heart and not worry about the future. What I mean by "follow your heart" is to go with the girl who feel closest to. It seems as though that is the first and, because the two of you had sex, you are that much closer, so that it makes sense to get back together.

I think I am babbling.

What do others think???


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I have always learned from the past that your EX is an EX for a reason. There is some reason that you broke up. You shouldn't have to ask your partner to change, you accept them for who they are. If you do not like who they are or can not accept them then they are not the one for you. Allan said it think with your heart. Don't start thinking with either of your heads. LOL Well someone had to say it.

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