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Just diagnosed bi polar


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I am new to your forum and also new to the idea of having bipolar. Ive dealt with depression eversince I can remember. Im 41 years old and ive tried so many types of medication in the past. I recently went to a dr for a fresh perspective and was told Im bipolar. My son who is 14 is also bipolar,. MANY THINGS MAKE SENSE NOW but Im still new to all of this and dont know when or if you can ever feel balanced or as close to yourself as possible. Does anyone deal with isolation- wanting to stay away from family? Im avoiding phone calls from them and I dont know why. Ive dont this for years and its causing alot of anxiety on my end. Not to mention how unfair it is to them. I hate that I do this and fight myself to pick the phone up everytime it rings- sometimes I win and sometimes I dont. Is this a part of bipolar for anyone else? Or is this just something Im doing on my own? Can anyone help me with this?;):confused:

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Hello! I am new here also. The reason I even came on the internet tonite was to do a search on whether or not bipolar people have a tendency towards seclusion. I am the same as you. I dont even want to answer the phone. I dont want to leave my home. I only do so to go to work and that is getting more difficult each day. I dont return calls and then I am overcome with guilt about it. The social stuff is very difficult for me. I am not comfortable and have a tendency to cover my awkwardness with humor. I know now that this disorder is inherited. My dad, altho no one knew then, was also biploar and so was his mother, etc..., etc. It is one of those 'gifts that keeps on giving'. *sigh*

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Sheli3,

To answer your question, no, there is nothing about having a Bipolar disorder that would make you feel unsocial. If you have difficulty with being social I would say that it is a personality issue separate from bipolar. Are you on medication and are you in psychotherapy?


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Hi Powergirl, and everyone who replied. Yes, I have the same problem and I have been diagnosed with a form of soft bipolar too. But my Pdoc says this problem of wanting seclusion and the desire to avoid even family and phone calls is social phobia. It is horrible, I am my mother. Ugh. It does cause a lot of anxiety and guilt which further fuels the bipolar. It's a vicious circle but we can push through. Believe in yourself and be your own cheerleader, step by baby step. Of course, I'm sure everyone here would be your cheerleader too :D I wish you peace, Journey

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