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The real tragedy of this website isn't that we all have small ass dicks, the real tragedy is how much emphasis we put on dick size.  

Let me tell you something..your penis is a part of you. Embrace your small penis people. Be happy that God gave you one at all. Yeah it sucks, but don't let that hold you back. Have the confidence to flaunt it...Next girl that talks to you, tell her you have a small penis, let her know. Say "I got a small dick, but lord knows what this tongue can do"  Be comfortable with it. Because you don't need a gargantuan dick to pleasure a woman. Ya'll got ur hands and tongues right?...Right. 

Remember, we have small penises, so naturally the penis is a big focus in our little minds. But to women and other people, trust me, it's not a big deal. And if it IS a big deal to a girl, then fuck her, thats not the kind of girl you want in your life. You want a girl who fights your battles with you, who struggles with you, who loves you. Not to sound cliche, but get the fuck off your asses and stop feeling sorry for yourselves.

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