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Fiance Is Crazy

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Hello, this is my first time posting on this website and I just need some opinions on this matter.

When me and my fiance started going out, I wasn't totally honest with him and he knows that. It's like I didn't want him to get to know the real me, we meet when I was also going out with this other guy, who had no sort of love for me.

I became very comfortable with my fiance and didn't mind sharing my life stories with him. And from that day on my life was never the same. I told him about me being raped by an uncle when I was six year old, and I also told him about me mother boyfriend of nine years sexually abusing me.

Recently he was put into an mental asylum by his family and he came out in October of last year. During that time he trusted me with his money and all of a sudden it just disappear. The bank account I have is linked up with my mother account, because we both bank at the same branch. He is now under the impression that my mother is stealing the money which she is not because I do receive monthly statement and do check my account and her account online very daily.

But anyway, in June of last year he wrote my mother an email to her job email address disclosing almost every secret I have every shared with him. His reason was he had to do it for me because he couldn't stand to see me let people take advantage of me, which was not the case. Now the thing is he wrote that email to her job email at a very major law firm. My mother read the email and she question me about and I told her what was true and what wasn't. Later on that day she summed it up and ask me how do I feel towards her boyfriend and that was it. She has never discuss that incident no more with me, nor have I with her.

Now my fiance, soon to be ex fiance is on a rampage saying ''what kind of mother knows about what happen to her daughter and still live with the man that did that to her daughter?''. I ask myself the same question secretly, and I understand why. No one is going to help my mom pay this mortgage and all other bills by her self plus she has young children to feed.

I told him I will report the crimes when I am ready, not because you want me too! Recently he has been calling my mom a fat whore, a bitch; the devil; and how she is having me sexually penetrated in my anus at night time and how the acne scars on my back resemble needle track, and how they have me brainwash and how he would love to just choke her, he is leaving nasty voice mail on the house phone. I feel like my mom is an innocent victim, she doesnt even know that this man despises her and I wont dare tell her because she always run back to that man and tell him everything.

Someone please give me advice because I am very very close to breaking things off with him even though I love him. And also how can I tell my mom what is going on.I guess that's what happen when you mess with men older than you.

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Stop what ever you are doing right now! You need to get on the phone with the Police and turn him in. Try moving back in with your mother to help her out with bills. I know its nice being on your own but sometimes there is no power like a family coming together to help each other. Find a fiance that will hold you tight when you need support. Someone willing to protect you with his life. Do what he can to make your life seem the best. Sorry I am married LOL no seriously people jump into it to fast then don't like what they get stuck into. TAKE YOUR TIME!!

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The thing is I still live at home with my mother and her boyfriend. My fiance would give his life for me almost over anything. But I can't take him being very disrespectful to my family. He has never said it to them directly, but he is saying it to me and it is becoming very natural of him to do it. He thinks they are sticking me in my back with needles to knock me out and rape me, he is killing me with that. And he is willing to protect me with his life, so bad that he is actually threatening to hurt my family one day when he find out what he needs to find out.

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Is he threatening your family or your mothers boy friend? Like i said CALL THE POLICE RIGHT NOWAND GET HIM OUT!! I think that you are just scared that you don't want to lose your fiance or your family over the stuation. There comes a time when you need to do what is right for you. And that time is NOW. To get your mothers boyfriend out of the house can be a great improvement to your health. I'm not saying its is going to to cure you because you will always have that mental trauma. But if you end the problem you can begin to heal. Otherwise it will just be the same thing day after day. We will still be here if you need someone to talk to after wards.

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