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I don't know if this belongs here or not, but...

I see myself repeatedly taking action. Last week I started gathering all the poisonous plants I could find, and crypticly explaining that I would eventually go through with my plans.

Now, I've been working towards synthesising cyanide, making my death appear accidental. If anyone knew me well (which no one, not even my father, does), they'd know that me dying by anything but natural causes would be suicide by me, one way or another.

Even though it will be some time, I am saying this for some reason. I'm probably just seeking attention, as usual, since I'm an angsty teenage twat and all.

I also would rather not say this, since it will most likely lead me being lead into a soft cell, being fed pills and forcibly changed into something I hate, as all crumblies and basket casesĀ are.

I find it rational, I will never stop trying. I'm saying this to just prove my own beliefs.

So obviously, don't reply. That will be my only solace.

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