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Man controlled by his emotions...


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Is there any syndrome, metal illness or dissorder where a man feels or reacts to his emotions as he was a woman? Like, you know how men and women react different to sadness, anger, loneliness, relations, love etc?... well, I sometimes feel like even though I am a man (not gay - I love women) I can feel like things in life generate reactions or emotions in me as if I was a woman? Like the way I fall in love... or the way I feel about other people, friends and family... I feel like I don't feel like a man... the way I get excited about things. Sometimes I feel like I act as a kid... so may be it's a kid I feel like? but I think it's also like a woman... like emotions really break me down or boost me up... emotions drive me... I might (and very probably) have a misudnerstanding but men are supposed to be stronger... or more careless sometimes about feelings... but I'm not... they drive my life... may be I have an issue with my dad? but he is a good person and didn't drink... he is still married to my mom after 34 years. They've been a great couple, no bad childhood in my case or anything weird... I would say I've had a perfect family with love and care. I am talented in many things, sports, arts (music and design) and business but when it comes to emotions I feel so weak and worthless, I don't understand why I can't be stronger and have to be so sensitive to everything... anyway, I started with one question, hope you have an answer but then I gave you some context on how I feel... I guess it's good to be so sensitive to emotions as that allows me to explore myself and be super creative and also has allowed me to have this thing about being compassionate to people and be able to make me a person people see as a great friend but at the same time I feel like shit everyday when I am on my own, I feel lonely and depressed and sad and even though I don't think I would really do it, I "like" or may be I dont like but I think everyday that I should kill myself to stop from suffering... I kind of just have fantasies about it... may be self pitting myself?...

By the way, I'm not sure why I feel like I'm like a woman in terms of emotions as if being weaker. I don't think women are weaker with their emotions but having many girl friends (not girlfriends) I do know women do talk more openly about these emotions than men ... may be because they talk about it I feel like they "feel more" or are more sensitive... but may be it's just that women talk about and and men don't so I feel like men don't struggle with emotions?... may be it is a problem with my dad?... but, no, really, how many men could I really talk to about how I really feel... men don't talk about that... they are straightfoward... oh man, I'm starting to talk like if I was gay! LOL but I'm not...

anyway, let me know what you think about all this. Any articles or references about something like "hipersensitivity" or something similar?... I'm not sure I want to change the way I am... If I am sensible and I realize I truly am different, I want to understand that, and accept and then learn how to live with it. I don't want to be depressed but being sensitive has its advantages as in the arts/business/relations, I guess I see this sensitivity as a power... I just dont wanna be depressed... does depression come with being sensitive? or can I control it?... I don't know... just random thoughts...

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Elwewhere,

It would help all of us if you told us more about yourself. Are you married or not. If not, do you have girl friends? What type of work do you do? How old are you now? How long have you experienced these doubts.

I will say this: Most of us males in the U.S. are raised to believe that a "real man" does not cry, get scared or feel any of those "girl and mushy" types of things. Well, it's a lie. In fact, why no think about yourself as being lucky to be able to be in touch with your emotions instead of hiding them from yourself and others?

Are you in psychotherapy?

I hope you can answer some of these questions.


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