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So after having my mom 201 herself, the social workers informed us that she did have a "plan in place" that could have included weapons and or medications that are in the house. We have since had all of the weapons removed, but what do I do about the medications? Is there a way that I can find out what the maximum daily amount that could be out while she were alone that would not hurt her? There are going to need to be as needed meds left for her as well as her daily meds. We also want to make sure that she now does not feel restricted in any way and that we are treating her as a child. She has assured us that she no longer feels the way that she did and wants to participate in an out-patient program. The doctors also feel that she is not in the state of wanting to harm herself any longer and they are hoping to release her tomorrow.

I could really use some help as to how to safe proof her and not make her feel restricted at the same time and that she is no lomger trusted? Help please!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Wantingtohelpmom,

When I read your post it seemed to have started right in the middle of your story. Did you begin in another forum? Sometimes people shift forums. I am not sure why and you are not alone in this. It just gets a little confusing for me because the best help I can give is when I am able to follow the sequences. Please understand that I am not angry or even annoyed. Just trying to get your whole story. :)

Anyway, medications need to be kept away from your mother and given in correct doses by someone else, perhaps a nurse or family member. It's a huge responsibility. Also, the doctor and pharmacy need to cooperate in restricting how and when they fill her prescriptions. I am assuming she has overdosed and tried suicide?

Visiting Nurse Service sometimes will come into the home, do an assessment and provide the correct types of services to people like your mom.

How old is mom and what is her condition?


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