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Her jealousy issue!


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Well see here is the dilema behind that. When we first started getting serious she told me that i can't be a jealous person because she is a swinger and i need to be one too to stay with her. Fine. I am not a jealous person to begin with and i think i could handle that. We have an account on one of the adult swinger web sites and a while back she was on it every day scoping out people, i had no problem. Eventualy we did have a single guy over and we had a three way. But see this is the kicker. Being that she is a very jealous person if i look at females on the sites she starts throwing a fit if i dint tell her that i was looking. And she threw a fit that i tried to send a wink or little message but it was OUR page so she could go on there anytime she wanted to see what i was doing or who i was talking to. But i was looking for a single female to have a three way with and she doesn't want any part of that now. She wants to stick to couples.

Tell me is that 2 faced or what!!! So i told her that we are no longer swingers. Because she wants to make up rules along the way. And she said if that is true then we can't be married anymore but yet she hasn't left and i stand by what i said. You want to make up rules as u go along, I am going to end the game right now!!!!

How can u tell me not to be a jealous person then pull some stunt like this and expect me to be ok with it?!! You want to do what u want to do then try and keep me caged up like an animal and tell me what i can and can't do?!! You can't make up rules as you go along. If you get to have what you want then i get what i want!!! ISN'T THAT FAIR?!

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