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It's kind of hard to go from A to B to be honest because it's a journey I'm still on. I recently discovered that being tired all the time makes my fuse shorter than my cock. But if I could pinpoint a moment when it started to change it'd be the death of great aunt. I lived with her as a baby until I was about 4 so we already had a pretty strong bond, but when I was kicked out 'my house' around 16-17 I went to live with her, and on and off I lived with her well into my 20's. When she  was dying I was living away and only got back to see her once before she died. It hit me hard and I really angry on top of walking around anger from everything else. I got into an altercation with my neighbours (two lads in their late teens) who gave me the stare one night waking back from the shop. I was just waiting for something like this so I fronted them both and they backed down. It happened again one night on my way to the shop and again they backed down, but this time they got a gang together when I got back. I'll finish post later, I thought I could write it before I had to go out, no such luck. 

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