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I can't keep food out of my mouth. i eat a lot usually but i used to work out every single day..i just don't understand. I wake up and i plan out what i am going to eat..and i CAN NOT stick to my plan for more than half my day. i go to bed crying and feeling gross everynight, and i've always been pretty thin but i'm gaining weight..and all i wear is jeans and my dads t-shirts and hoodies becasue none of my clothing fits anymore. i'm getting really depressed about it. does anybody have any tips..

cause i just ate an entire tray of funfettie cup cakes by myself and i don't want to resort to throwing them up :,<


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Hi pookie, welcome to the community!

Eating all day is not necessarily a bad thing, but what you eat is important. How about nuts and dried fruits as an alternative to the cupcakes? Review your current diet, and slowly replace some of the bad foods with a lighter alternative for a week. The change to nuts/dried fruit from cupcakes for a week is an idea, but it's up to you as not everyone may be interested in making a change like that at once. But, the point is to begin slowly revising your diet each week by switching one bad food item with one good food item until you work out the worst foods from your diet.

Also, it is admirable that you worked out everyday, but you can just as easily go every other day. How about setting a goal for yourself to begin going to the gym again? Perhaps you can call a gym and set an appointment with a fitness instructor. The instructor can create a work out menu based on how often you intend to visit the gym, how much time you wish to spend for each visit, and what fitness goals you have in mind. Start slowly by going to the gym three times a week or every other day. Once you become comfortable with the visits again, you can then decide whether you wish to go to the gym every day like you used to. If you go to school with a gym, a gym instructor or teacher should be able to provide a similar service.

Try not to resort to throwing up what you eat because that will place more strain on your body. Also, improving your physical fitness takes steady, small commitments each day. Just like any project, whatever improvements you can make for yourself will not manifest dramatically overnight. Take on your goals one step at a time.

Milk is important. If you can drink it, please do.

Lastly, while your eating habits may alarm you, the issue may be that you are setting your expectations too high.

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