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This is for anyone who wants to share their story.

If you have an Imaginary friend, or voices in your head, or multiple personalities...

When did you first notice them, or how do you think they came about?


What's a typical day like with them?


What was a particularly interesting time you experienced with them, including or not including other "real" people?

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I've had imaginary friends since I can remember... probably since I was about four or so. My imaginary friends aren't people I make up. They're either characters from movies (that was the case when I was younger), or celebrities I like (that'd be now).

I still talk to them, and I'm soon to turn 23. When I'm alone, I talk to them. Sometimes just mouthing the words; when I'm home alone, I talk out loud. To an empty room. I know the room is empty. I do feel silly talking to an empty chair.

Essentially, I talk to them -- a la fake telepathy - can't be talking out loud all the time -- essentially throughout the entire day. They shadow me at work. They eat what I eat. They sleep when I sleep. They smoke when I smoke. You get the point.

I tell them stories about myself. It's kind of like mentally running through a speech or story you have to tell aloud, but you want to make sure it doesn't sound stupid, if that makes sense.

I have never really had real friends. I'm definitely a loner. Always have been.

There was a short time when I was about 18 or 19 when I broke myself of the habit. Then I got lonely and started again.

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