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I've been struggling for a long time about death. I just keep getting these thoughts of, what if God isn't real, or thinking about people suffering in Hell for eternity, or even what if God is real and I go to heaven but then heaven ends at one point and I go into nothingness never to exist for all eternity. How can I cope with that.

And even if I wanted to end my suffering, I'd be too afraid of death to end it. So if I exhaust all means and am not able to be helped, I go over the edge and when I go over the edge not even suicide would release me.

What does a suicidal mad-man become when death is even out of reach. How do these thoughts allow a sane man to stay sane. How do I deal with this, and I don't want to hear things like give up God and find peace because he isn't real or anything, I promise that would either do nothing or make it worse.

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Hi Ob1one, seems you have been exploring an interesting thought to say the least. But, these hypothetical situations concerning whatever may happen to a person after death have little supporting evidence. People simply do not know much about death or afterlife. So, perhaps these questions should be kept somewhere safe for future reference.

Philosophers have explored your question to some extent. Unfortunately, I am only familiar with a few philosophers with a decidedly atheist position. If you wish to find some reading material, “Suicide and Atheism: Camus and The Myth of Sisyphus,” by Richard Barnett, gives a good background to existentialist theory. This article touches on your post to a degree, but please remember that I am not arguing or suggesting that you give up God. I find your thoughts to be somewhat relevant to the article above, and I provide the link for educational purposes to share the thoughts of others concerning death.

That said, perhaps you should keep this struggle of yours in some sort of framework. You should explore these thoughts concerning death as a school assignment or a project. Try to stay open to other thoughts, and try not to let it take up too much of your day. As a project, it competes with the other tasks you have to do.

Try not to let your thoughts on death chew you up too much.

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