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Gregor McEwan

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My Dear Fellow Depressed:mad:

I would like to pass on a Brilliant Blog in which a mental health expert has written down some of his creative methods of dealing with mild depression. He uses ladders, spades, and passes out mouse traps and jigsaw puzzles to illustrate his points.

It is a free site that needs no password, you just read a shrink who wants to share his revolutionary solutions.

I stumbled across it while trying to deal with my own problems of depression that didn’t seem too severe to seek professional help, but were still pulling me down and affecting my life and those around me.

It really helped me see life from a slightly different angle, and if anything is a good read!

Try it! - www dot desertinoasis dot com

Yours :D

Gregor McEwan

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Guest ASchwartz

Gregor, Paula and everyone,

It is just my opinion but the web site that you, Gregor, suggested seems like so much "gobbledyiegook. Sorry, but I do not think its worth wasting any time on.


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I actually found the site to be somewhat helpful in that it talked a lot about interrupting one's habitual ways of thinking & behaving in concrete ways.

It talks a lot about how our mental traps are of our own making and this jibes with how I see my life and the positive changes I have been able to make once I saw where I had gone wrong in my thinking.

That's just my opinion :)


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