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site keeps freezing up (crashing)


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I am having a lot of problems with this site and cannot understand why?

I know it's the site as i can access other sites no problem!

I was on this site Tuesday night at around 11.45pm when I was answering a post and it just froze! I tried everything but to no avail!

So I came of the site and tried to get back on it, but it was having none of it!

I constantly tried for 15mins till in the end I thought 'sack it!' It wouldn't even let me get back on the site!

This has just happened again while I was answering a Blog this time!

Does anyone else have this problem or does it just happen to me? Probably just happens to me. More than likely!

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After many many months of 100% uptime, we've recently had some periods of downtime. Unfortunately, we don't have control over when this sort of thing will happen. Our engineers are working on it, and recently, things have become quite stable again. But it's a constant process ...

So far as preserving posts, probably the best thing do to is to always copy and paste your responses into a text editor before posting. That way, if there is a problem with the site, either due to a server problem or a local issue, you will not lose the text. It's a bit of a pain to do that, but once you get into the habit of it, it's not so bad.

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