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Control issues?


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Is it normal to be driving home from work and want to crash in to a tree or building of some sort. I been trying to find some help over the last few year. I have talked to counselors and it seems that if you miss one appointment they don't even bother with you anymore. I have been working the night shift for a very long time (12 hour shifts). To make it worst I have to drive 64 miles to get to work and back home again. Sometimes with driving I am away from home for like 15 hours a day, 6 days week. Sometimes I miss apointments because I am totally exhausted. I really have tried to follow through with my counselors appoints. I am a happily married man with two kids that works very long hours to support his family and I just can't seem control my emotions, anger, and stress. I am currently taking a medication that sometimes I don't think works for depression and when I try to stop taking it, it makes me very very dizzy.


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