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I am ready to agree I have a problem


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I have always been told by my sister that I say mean things. That I am mean to people and I give them really mean looks. The problem with that was I always thought she was just being mean to me. I have been in two fights and both of them I had to be pulled off and I had no recollection of what happened or what I was saying. I didn't reconize my own voice in the last fight I remember. It kinda frightened me. But I am now 42 and now my children are telling me that I have said things I do not recall saying. I am not sure what to do. I sometimes hear a male voice or a child like voice say things to me like; you will die or little kids whispering. It doesn't stay with me though. It just comes and goes. I am worried about the things I say or do that I have no momory of. I am wondering does anyone here relate to any of these symptoms. Please , please give me some imformation.:confused:

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