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My introduction. Not sure where to post.


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Hello everyone. I’m here mainly because my penis size obsession but it seems that this is a good place to talk about life in general.

I’m a tall guy or at leat I am compared to people in my country Venezuela, I am between 6’2” - 6’3” so most people tend to believe that my penis is as big as I am but it’s not. I am not sure if I am average or small due to the big amount of different comments and studies I have read through many different sites on the web but I do know I feel really small and inadequate. My measurements are between 6.9” - 7.1” BPEL (Aligning the middle of the rule with the middle of my penis on top) and between 6” - 6.3” NBPEL and my girth is between 4.9” and 5” at the base and at the middle and 4.75” just below the glans.

I feel small because I have read a lot of comments saying that less than 6” length and less than 5” girth is small and that it cannot be satisfying to anyone and if someone finds it satisfying it’s because they haven’t tried a real big penis. I feel as if anyone would pick a bigger penis over me and if they chose me it’s because they couldn’t choose the bigger one. 

I’m at a point in which I think about my penis size every day of my life all day long even when I am doing anything else and honestly this is very tiring but I feel that I can’t help it. Many people say that men should not care about it but it’s way easier said than done for me. I’m even subscribed to some pages where they say you could increase your penis size with exercises (they’re free, I don’t have the money to pay if they asked for a pay).

Despite all of my feelings I have a relationship of almost 2 years where she seems to enjoy sex and to really want me and I also had sex with another girl three times and she also semeed to enjoy it and even told me so without me asking her (Both of them had had just one partner before me) but I think they did it because they hadn’t had sex with a bigger penis or if they did they were too tight because they were being virgins and inexperienced.

I’m sorry for my English but I’m not a native speaker.

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You're in the same boat as the vast majority of men, but unfortunately it's pushed in society through porn etc that no woman can enjoy sex with an average man, and if she did it was because she had nothing to compare it to. This is becoming a popular and recurring thought process amongst men and it isn't true. A woman 'can' enjoy sex and be perfectly happy with a guy your size, but once that idea of inadequacy becomes planted in your mind it's hard to pull it up at the roots. Trust your partner when she says she enjoys sex and just try to enjoy that connection you have. SPS seems to cross the size barrier and set itself up as a personal and private nightmare. But you are normal, you're even on the higher side of average. I don't want to minimise what you're going through, because it's easier said than done to just 'snap out' of a way of thinking. But if it helps, you've got nothing to worry about. 

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Thanks YOHT.

It’s hard because I have seen so many penises on the websites I usually visit to try to enlarge my penis (I’m aware it’s very likely that it won’t work but it kind of gives me peace of mind to know I’m trying something) which are bigger than me that I find it hard to believe that the average it’s just 5.5” but to be fair in sites like this and measurection I also see a lot of guys who are smaller than me. It also is a pain in the ass for me to be uncertain if I’m actually small or average or even slightly big. It’s also horrible to think that my girlfriend’s ex’s penis was big and that I couldn’t change mine.

I really try to enjoy the connection I have with my partner and every time we are gonna have sex I manage to let this thought out (Or at least to give it less importance) of the bed as much as I can but as soon as I’m out of the bed and every time I see a girl that attracts me it comes to my mind.

I’ve heard many girls in my environment to say they don’t really care that much about size but some of them also say they do appreciate big penises and find them attractive but they don’t think of it as a really important thing. I still find it very important at least to myself. I hate this feeling. I have even come to think that the only girl that could ever love me is my current girlfriend and that anyone else would reject me because of my penis or would be with me without really enjoying sex. I think social media and jokes about small penises don’t help either.

I’ve been also trying to learn about the female anatomy and how to satisfy them and I’ve learned what’s been said a lot of times on the web: It’s actually more stimulating for them oral sex than penetration itself and still I feel bad for my penis size.

Besides of all what I’ve said I also think that we shouldn’t really care about penis size regardless of what size it is (men and women) but I understand that girls have thr right to have preferences as much as we men do but I find it unfair that men with small penises are left many times aside. It’s weird that after all of that I think this at the same time.

It’s a hell of life sometimes.

I really hope that someday me and all of you who are struggling with these feelings find a way out of it regardless of the penis size we have and learn how to really have a healthy sex life.


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