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I’m kinda of at the end of the line and contemplating suicide a lot. I have a disability which impacts me a lot but still have quite a few (disabled) women interested in me. I’ve not got a great deal of sexual experience but despite my disability my main hurdle is a small penis. I’m very small, look 12 years old flaccid and have been laughed at multiple times. Pre disability I stopped playing sport and avoided any situation where I would be seen naked. The few times I was seen I was laughed at, once by a college lecturer of all people(changing in swimming bath rooms, not as weird as it sounds ha). 


Anyway im going to pursue seeing a sex surrogate, as my body looks different and my penis like I said is very small. I’ve posted before so my measurements should be up on there at around 5.8 bone pressed and 4.7 around. I enquirered when I was younger to a dr if I was normal and he uttered the immortal line “I’ve seen smaller” since then I’ve been broken. I will try and keep my progress or the experience up to date if people wish to follow it. I hope everyone is managing as best as possible, I lurk a lot but haven’t posted in around 6 months. Take care everyone.

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