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Removing The Numbers From The Numbers Game


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Having watched way too many small penis related documentaries, videos and a plethora of other size related shit, I've come to the conclusion that if you lead with honesty, you don't have the overwhelming reveal nightmare. I think this could work for anyone of any size, but if you think it's stupid, just ignore the thread. 

G.G. Allin was a musician who went through a bunch of genres and musical changes, but he ended up as a punk. He was the singer in The Murder Junkies and would sing naked. His cock was roughly 4 inches erect. He would cover himself in shit and fist fight the audience who went there literally to fight with him. This guy was insane and died of a heroin overdose not long after this period. He's still considered one of the craziest real punks who ever lived. Funny thing was, he unintentionally played the numbers game. If there were 50 women in the audience, 1 or 2 would always wanted to fuck him. He was fucking a different woman in every city, guaranteed. This still goes on with female fans now, they still want him. There are always a fair share of men calling him out for his size, but he didn't give a shit in life and the argument is moot now. After watching The Howard Stern Small Penis Contest, it kind of dawned on me why people are laughing, they're laughing at expectation. Yes, they laugh when they see it, but for how long? If you don't care, they have no power. Now, before I lose you with all this "don't give it power, be free" mumbo jumbo. Isn't it possible to make a dating profile and just lead with honesty? If the numbers game for men with mental health issues IS an issue, which it is for most, can it be manoeuvred around? If we have to date 20 girls, being rejected by 19, will we even make it to girl 20, our ideal match? We won't, it'll be too much rejection and pain to bear. So what if you just made a dating profile and were honest? This is my size, it won't change. Then most women ignore it because they prefer bigger or are actual size queens, and the only responses would be from women that don't care. Then 'the reveal' is irrelevant and you can just crack on with the relationship. I know it's not ideal, I know it's not perfect, but it's better than nothing. Just an idea guys, something to ponder. And if I was single right now, I'd do it. Fuck it. After 5/10/20 years of misery? I'd do it. 

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It's true, I've heard that side as well. But I reckon if you're on Tinder or something and you word it in such a way that it's not all sleazy it might work. You might have to wait a while, but it could potentially work. And then build a relationship without the Sword of Damocles hanging over our head. I know what you're saying tho, but again, women who think it's sleazy and forward, they can scroll away and join the removed numbers. Only takes one girl to understand why you put that up and not care about size or the fact you stated it. I'd rather be honest on a profile and wait for the right girl to come along than have another girl just look at my cock and walk out the door. That shit cuts a lot deeper than a bit of embarrassment on a dating site imo. Anyway, it's just an idea, more of an alternative to another 5/10/20 years of bs and internal turmoil. 

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