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any help is appreciated from those who might know

aunt dina

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Hello, don't know where to go. I am tired of being treated for depression and not getting anywhere. No one believes how serious this is. I have intrusive thoughts and feel so low. It is destroying my marriage. I can't think of my kids and be the mother I want to be. Everyone tells me I'm great, but I don't feel it. I am wearing out. Found out that I am hypothyroid, have a high ANA and am in menopause at 43. I am afraid to take any antidepressants. The wellbutrin made me feel some better, but I had really strong intrusive thoughts. the liquid St. John's Wort made me really hyper and yell at people. I'm not a public yeller! I am now on hormones for a month with some return of my mental capacity for details, but not mood stability. I can go from feeling really great to the ice queen in 10 seconds. Then I can't come back and I feel completely isolated. Tell me what is my problem? I think I want to try Same or 5-HTP. I take a mega vitamin supplement but I may try to add another supplement like fish oil. There is something I don't have enough of and I just can't get through this by thinking happy thoughts. I don't know if I am bipolar? I am functional enough to keep moving and no one knows, I just look tense sometimes. Help. Aunt Dina

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Aunt Dina and Welcome,

Well, you certainly have a lot going on all at the same time.

Let me explain:

1. Hypothyroidism will certainly add to feeling depressed. I assume you are taking Synthroid or some such from the MD and that should help.

2. You are also in menopause, a well known cause of depression in many women.

3. I do not know anything else about your life, like, if you were depressed even before all of this.

4. I don't know why you are opposed to anti depressants, as your posting seems to suggest, unless I am wrong, but there are many excellent anti depressant medications that could help you through this difficult period of time. The SSRI's are good. While I am no psychiatrist I can report to you that many people I have worked with over the years were helped by Welbutrin, but many were not. You should consult not with your regular MD but with a psychiatrist.

5. Medicine is no cure-all. I want to recommend psychotherapy with a clinical psychologist or experienced licensed clinical social worker.

Now, after all of that, can you tell us a little about your self. I am sure many others in the community would like to help out.


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I may not be the best qualified to answer this but I will just start by saying are your family aware of how you really feel? I don't know much about it but what about something like acupuncture? Maybe any alternative medicine/therapy It's just a thought whatever the outcome I wish you the very best.

Take Care


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