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I have recently been working through some issues with my doctor and therapist (I see both of them weekly). Yesterday, I went for the first time to an anger management group. There were supposed be around eight or nine people, but there were only two people besides me. I'm going to go back even though neither of the two people have experience with extreme rage. My wife, my therapist, and my doctor told me that it was unlikely that people at the group would have anger issues to the extreme that I have, but it would still be helpful in learning some new ideas and potentially learning how to have a longer fuse. I'm not naive enough to think that a lifetime of extreme rage will be cured in 12 weeks of anger management. However, like I said before, I'd like to have a longer fuse at the end of the 12 weeks. Also, I think it's helpful that now that I'm attending the group, I will be in therapy 3 times a week (once with my therapist, once with my doctor, and once in the anger management group). I don't really feel comfortable talking about specifics about my anger on the internet. I also don't feel comfortable using my real name, age, or location. But, rest assured, that my doctor, therapist, wife, and best friend have all of the gory details (no pun intended). I joined this group so that I could have people to communicate with between appointments. Fortunately, I am able to coexist in mainstream society despite all of the stuff that goes on inside my head. I have not followed through with the majority of the things that go on inside my head, but I have followed through at certain points. My medication seems to be working well, and I'm back at work now after being out for the majority of last year (being in the hospital and receiving ECT). My life at home with my wife and children is going well now. I have never been to prison, and I hope to keep it that way. I'm doing better now than I have in years. I'd just like the opportunity to communicate with people between appointments.

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Rest assured Jerry, you will have the opportunity to talk on this community, in between appointments.

We all work together on here, or I like to think we do! With the exception of my anger related problems like your self.

When I'm not giving everyone else a hard time that is?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Jerry and welcome to the community. I want to assure you that we love Paula, especially despite her anger problems and, maybe even because of them. :) Everyone here has problems and are here to help one another. It works which is why this is a great place.


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Allan & Paula---This is how rumors get started, you know--ha, ha! :eek:

On a more serious note, I am glad to see that the original poster, "Jerry," is getting some serious help for his problem. When he said he is not "naive enough to think that a lifetime of extreme rage will be cured in 12 weeks of anger management," my thought was that he may end up being surprised at how much progress he can make in that time.

While I don't have a rage problem, I have been amazed at the changes I have been able to make with CBT in treating my gambling addiction, for example. (Haven't gambled in over 4 years--YAY!)

Catmom :)

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