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im strugglin with bpd and dependancy disorder


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im nearly 40 got 4 kids and a grandson, plenty of stress.i have been through a bad relationship and have split with him but now been diagnosed with these and i am in a pretty bad way as drs have to get me to psyciatrist for the meds and i get veri upset and switch moods quick.my ex keeps playin with my head and i have old boy friends who want to be with me but my thoughts are for my ex but he gets friendly then nasty.and then i get in a bad way,i stay in my bed some days and cry and then i get bad thoughts and want to be alone,anyone any ideas please.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Kimmy,

First, welcome to our community where I know you will get lots of support from our members.

I understand that you are waiting to see a psychiatrist for medications, I guess. However, we always recommend psychotherapy and I want to ask if you have been referred to one. Also, who gave you these diagnoses?

It is always a mistake to assume that every problem in a marriage is the fault of one person. And, so, it appears to me that your ex can be a very "not nice guy" to you even now. What about that? Is there something, perhaps, about the types of men you select?


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thank you 4 ur reply, it was a initial counsellor who diagnosed and my gp agreed as i have other symptoms as well.i panic terribly in tight situations and i cannot be around people alot, i take propanonol and diazepam, and at the moment they have taken me off of the anti depressants till i see the psyciatrist.i cannot make decisions, am very clibgy to people and i love attention when i can get it, i dont like to be alone but sumtimes wen veri low i have to stay in bed and i cant sleep.my ex partner is a problem as he has been in contact.me thinkin for my help as he lost a relative but he used me i feel veri upset by this as i see him every day as he is stayin with a old friend in my road and he says they r friends but i get very angry and a few times damaged his truck,and then i come home and cry 4 2 days.

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