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Help please!


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Hi Samenergizer


Help please!

ok, i have a 10 year old child, and she acts really strange. When i hug or show any affection towards her dad/my husband, she gets really mad and tears us apart and i have no idea why.. PLEASE help me

You haven't really give us much to go on have you? It may seem like I am asking a lot of questions which I am, but by doing this will give me a clearer picture of your history.

Your husband, is he your daughters biological father? How long as she been acting this way? Has something dramatical happened lately in your family? Has something dramatical happened to her lately? Have you tried talking to your daughter to ask the reasons why she is like this to your husband?

She could be feeling left out, very insecure? Something could of happened at school maybe? With friends?

I would suggest that you stop from acting like this in front of your daughter while she is feeling like she is! Like I mentioned, she could be feeling left out? There is enough time in the day to have your own time with your husband when she goes to bed, school etc. She is just protecting you!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Samenergizer,

I agree with Paula and hope that you can answer those questions. And, it would help if you could give us more information. You know, step parenting is not an easy thing to do. Does she she her biological mother? Are you married to her father? Are there other children and do you have any of you own?


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