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as good as it gets?


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hi everyone, i am new here. I am on meds for major depressive disorder. I cannot even remember how many meds i have been on in the last 12 years. Effexor helped me quite a bit for 7 years and then didnt work. I have been hospitalized 6 times for sucide attempt and tendencies. Now i am on Cymbalta 90 mgs. While i am not suicidal, i feel i have hit a ceiling with my progress to a functional life. I have just been given social security for my problems. I as is this it? As good as it gets? I see the life i had before my Depression overtook me. It is soo distant from me that i feel i have very little left... I will not take my life now, but i am dying anyways........Can anyone relate...I wish you all the best, and maybe we can help each other.

Thanks for reading, Khadoo

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Hi khadoo and welcome to our community.

I can relate to where your coming from, but won't go into it now. I suffer from Manic Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Insomnia, High blood pressure and a fast heart rate which I am on medication for all of these things.

I hope you find joy here like the rest of us have!

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