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Not sure what is wrong with me..


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About three months ago i started going though some major changes. I had to fight to be happy, depression does run in my family. I felt like i a screw up. My body also went though some major changes. I hit a growth spurt, and i had to actually try to stay skinny. But the biggest change was that i can not stand repetitive things! Anything and everything gets to me! Like people touching me, rubbing there hands on me, noises, tapping, music. If someone taps during class i cant think, i notice everyone making nosie and its all i can hear. It pounds in my head, gives me a head ache, and i have to leave the room or plug my ears. I also started to think horrible thoughts. 3-10 times a day i picture myself dying. I think about what everyone closes to me, mainly my boyfriend. He has been my biggest help. But its gotten to the point where he thinks i need help, but im scared. He thinks its OCD, do any of you know what could be wrong with me?

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Hi Shea, welcome to the community. As always, the community is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. From your post, I can say that stress will heighten one's senses such that tapping, clicking, and the like in your environment can become a nuisance. Do you have any ideas as to what may be stressing you out besides what you have described thusfar? Perhaps sharing a little more about yourself can shed more light on this matter.

The pounding in your head you describe sounds rather serious and you should raise the matter with a doctor.

You mention that you are trying to stay skinny. Can you share more details as to what you are doing to stay skinny? For instance, are you on a diet? An exercise routine?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Shea,

I also want to welcome you to our community and hope that you answer Kaudio's important questions.

I also want to point out that we can give you lots of support here but, as Kaudio corrrectly said, we are not a substitute for professional help. So, keep writing to us but, in addition, I want to join your boyfriend is recommending that you see a therapist. We cannot give a diagnosis but you do seem to be experiencing lots of depression and anxiety.

So, to get back to Kaudio's questions, what is the weight gain all about?


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Thanks for replying back to me :(

I stress about a lot of things. Currently its finding a job, making ends meet. Also school seems to be getting harder to do well, because i have trouble concentrating.

I am not trying to lose weight. I exercise to try to stay fit, and create a healthy routine, and stress release. About the time all this got worse though i gained about 15 pounds. Im not over weight though, im still only 120. I now just have to kinda try to keep at this weight. before i couldn't really gain weight, so im just trying to be careful.

Thanks Shea!

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