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OCD problem


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My name is nagaraju.I am suffering from OCD since last 12 yrs.

when I am 12 yrs old one day while I am idle gone through one devotional book called mahabharath in that I read how the gods arjuna,krishna dies.From that moment I had a feeling that everyone was going to die at some time then why we are putting lots of care and attention for this life.From that point I startes thinking about irreational things like thinking about the earth,universe and got the feeling that we are livin in unsecured place,feeling fear,distrub,anxity and putting myself into lots of stress

Now I completed my M.C.A and working as both lecturer and project freelancer.I gone through lots of up and downs but I never care and worry about reallife activities only I had fear to these abused taughts and finding myself in unsecureplace.wiht these I have lots of other feelins like how we can walk,hear and so..

I consulted a doctor 11 years back and confirmed I have OCD problem.From that moment I started taking medication it works well for me for 1 year after that periodically I am getting the same thing.

I worked in two software companies but I am not able to live out of my place thats why I leaved those jobs.

One thing I have to say I am not very stric follwer of madicine.

Personally I am a brave person having lots of personal and educational skills and great leadership abilities.I got first rank in all my educational standards.

I worked as a motivatin factor of lots of people but I am not able ristrict myself with this OCD.

My family members very effectionate towards me and they are doing their help to support me

Any advices from you will be great

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Guest ASchwartz

Hello Softpools and welcome to our community,

Yes, medication will only go just so far in relieving the symptoms of OCD. What is recommended along with medication is Behavior Modification treatment. I recommend that you consult a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral therapies to help you reduce and control your symptoms.

By the way, in addition to this you might consider one of the newer medicines but, either way, it is the therapy that is most important.

Can you tell us more about your self??


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Hai Allan ,

Thank you very much for your reply and suggestions.Its a nice relief to have someone showing attention towards us.

Intially I am a timid person having lots of belief in god and i am a person who gave lot of importance to moralvalues,Very effectionate towards family,having lots of friends.Once I had this bitter experience I become very strong in personality I always had a lot of confidence on myself and I have passitive attitude towards any aspect except these beyord taughts.

I played a crucial role in my degree and when it becomes to P.G I really developed as a leader handling each and every aspect of college.During this period I fall in love with my senior student I tried a lot for my love but she had some restrictions I faced lots of problems from others except from my family and friends.After that I taken this issue very possitively and forget her love.

After that I went to hyderabad and joined in a software company worked for 5 months then I faced the same problem unable to stay there so return back to nativeplace then again got a job in chennai which is very nearer to my place worked for 5 months again same problem in this period some times I lost my rememberence for few seconds also.Then came back to native place doing projects for u.k and u.s people and working as a faculty in engineering college.

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