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Hello everyone

I'm new to this site. I have suffer from anxiety for quite some time, but just a few years ago my swallowing phobia develop and it has gotten worsed after my first panic attack experience six months ago, I don't know how or why it develop but it's ruining my life. I have a fear of swallowing solids I feel like the food it's going to get stuck at my throat and I will choke. I can physically feel my swallowing muscles and my throat tensed up and the food stays loged up in my throat and I feel this terryfying fear all over my body until I finally make myself swallowed. Sometimes I over chew my food until it's liquid and still it's hard to swallowed. I have noticed that it gets worsed when I'm eating in a crowded place or someone it's wacthing me eating. Then, it's even hard to swallow my own saliva, this has gotten worse that I get like this even when I'm by myself! I feel so depress to think that I'm going to live with this phobia all my life, I can't tell my family because they will think it's silly , I even think it's silly but I can't help it. I'm so consious about my swallowing. Is there anyone out there that is going thru the same experience that can give me any hope.

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Welcome to the community, Rosy. You mention being unable to speak with your family about your problem, but can you talk to a doctor about it? As silly as you think this problem is, clearly your inability to swallow can have some foreseeable and serious consequences. So I do not think this problem is silly at all. Rather, you should address this issue in all earnest at your earliest convenience.

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I have been seeing a psych but it has not help with the swallowing but it has help with the panic attacks. What else can I do I would like to attent a support group or talk to someone that has gone thru this and has found some control over it. What blog thread can I join? Thanks for answering back.

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