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Hi alistair

The only thing that keeps me here are two great kids

How long can I last

Well that is entirely up to you? But don't you think that your being a bit selfish! I mean just look around you, you've got life! Which many have not got, through no fault of their own!

You don't mention whether you are getting any form of help, doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or whether you are on any medication for the way you are feeling? If you don't see anyone about your feelings, then how do you expect anyone to help you? Were not mind readers!

Alistair, all any of us can do is support you in the way that you are feeling. There's plenty of us on here that can do that, but we cannot and will not tell you what to do? We can suggest or advise, but you haven't really given us much to go on?

What has made you feel this way, why do you feel like this, what do you think may change the way you're feeling?

Until you are able to give us a clearer view into your situation, I'm afraid I can do no more but sympathize with you!

Please, can you give us a bit more information?

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