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invading my sleep

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I know I have a weakness for opiates, but its getting bad lately. I'm never injected heroin before, but the past couple nights I've been having dreams where I am. It's actually a nice break from my constant nightmares about fighting in Iraq, in the streets back here, in boston, and really anyhere.

These are very intense dreams. Maybe I'm making strides towards improvement, because lately I have been able to drop some of the attackers. Before I would feel weak and my punches didn't affect them or my bullets would just fall out of the barrel.

Any idea whats going on here?

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Hi SomeonefromNH & Sadstar12

SomeonefromNH You say that you often dream about Opiates. As long as you do not act on them! I know what the consequences are with Heroin! I have grown up to that fear, with having a brother that has been addicted since the age of 14yrs old. He is 48yrs old now & still addicted!

Sadstar12 Have you spoken to your doctor about your tendency to Pain Killers? I know this must be very distressing for you, but do you not think a lot of this is Psychological?

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Guest ASchwartz

SomeonefromNH and Sadstar2,

You are both talking about a very real addiction. Do not bother to tell yourselves that it is not heroin because there is no difference. In fact, it is thought that the pain killers are more addictive than heroin.

I want to beg and plead with both of you to get off of these pills before things get even worse. You will need the help of your medical doctors to get off of this stuff. It is dangerous to try on your own. It is even possible that you may need to to inpatient to detoxify off of this stuff. Yes, it is that serious and can have a terrible harmful affect on your physical and mental health.

Please, please tell me what you think. I am NOT being judgemental and I do not accusing. This is a major epidemic today.

Please, let us know what your reaction to may comments are?


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SomeonefromNH and Sadstar2--

In the past, I posted several times about my gambling addiction but would also like to mention that I have abused prescription pain killers in the past. I have been completely gamble and drug free for over four years.

My little "Come to Jesus" moment came on Dec 8, 2004, when I had a seizure at work because I had taken too many prescription drugs. From that day forward, I stopped all drugs and became serious about my own recovery from both compulsive gambling as well as drugs

Don't let it get to that point for you. You have obviously already had negative consequences from your drug use or you wouldn't be questioning yourself about it now. I promise you that if you continue using, those consequences will continue to get worse.

As for whether a physician is judgemental, I think it depends on the doc. Some are informed, some are ignorant & bigoted, but don't let your fear keep you from doing what you need to do to save your life.


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