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to make this story short...i never knew what i wanted to do after high school...i worked a job after i graduated..quit or got fired almost every job..tried to start goin to college then i quit every college..now i owe alot of money..but the last college i recently attended i think its the biggest mistake i made because i came for virginia to california trying to go to school for art but realize i had lost the passion for it when i was younger and not only the i brought my mother along so she can do better because she used be be hooked on drugs..now she works n pays the bills but as you probably know california cost of living is high..so we are struggling in a different state and im uncomfortable with this environment to do anything about it...and the reason i put myself through all this is because i just wanted to have a career that i have the passion for...and i feel like a talentless failure..i feel if i go back to virginia im going to leave my mom because now that shes here in california she feels shes better off struggling than when she was in virginia on drugs..it makes me feel like using drugs myself because im not even motivated to do anything anymore all i do is sleep most of the day and feel guilty when im awake

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Hi Varamirez712

Why do you think you have to move back to virginia anyways? You are saying that you were sort of all over the place there too. I think it would be good for you to mabe stay around awhile longer to really keep trying. It sounds like you are really just trying to find yourself, who you are, what you like, what you don't like. I think that is OK. You are still trying right, so that is good. Don't try and run from the fact that you have not quite found and got it all together, you will in time. Just keep trying eventually you might find your place. I'm artsy and I have not gone to college yet I have no idea what I could go for as of yet. Mabe I'll figure it out one day:)

Try and just stay afloat, and keep trying!

Just my thoughts take care.

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