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Small dick made me depressed


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Hello guys so my little buddy is around 9-11cm erect and it caused me depresion and anxiety sometimes im even suicidal cuz of it, im scared to have a girlfriend or any sexual intercourse because of it. Any tips how to get over it? ( im overweight so if i loose some weight will it become bigger? Or should i check with my urologist ?) thanks for answers

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I’m about the same size, around 4.25 inches erect.  I have always had my own version of confidence.  The women that I have dated, expect one, have always appreciated more than just penis size.  
Take care of yourself physically.  Remember that you also deserve sexual satisfaction.  There will be women who won’t want a long term relationship because of your size.  There will be women who don’t want a long term relationship because you aren’t a good fit in other ways.  That doesn’t matter much if you can find a woman you like who also likes you.

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