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Workplace turned to hell


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I decided to go to work closer to home about two years ago, things were just fine. Times got rocky, but I stuck it out.

About nine months ago, I started to feel like I was on eggshells everyday, and the pay was not being good either, (commission). But I hung on.

Things got ugly about 4 months ago when a "green chief" came along.

Now the situation got worse by not getting the information I needed for what I needed to do. And he could not do what needed to be done to make sure things happened.

Kinda like in a operating room and they forgot the tools or things needed.

Long story short, something happened again where I was verbally acused, (in private of course), and feel mentally abused because of unjust criticism of my performance in past instantants(?). Now before I go any further, I can say that other recent hire employees were more "respected". (Favoritism is here too).

Follow me so far? My career isn't what you think. Or should my career matter?

Okay, I'm the guy who fixes your car. I had a Subaru (131400 mi) for overheating, so common, to replace head gaskets. 80 miles later the crank bearings fail. It's my fault. This is not true unless it was sloppy work, which I have never done in 30 years.

Anyway, the point is, when I got "cornered" and accused of this failure.

It's like------

I went numb. I remember having my hands in my pockets. The left hand on the shop keys, and the right on my cellphone. I was shaking like no tomorrow, my mind went blank, and remember very little of what happened next. I do not really remember.

Two weeks later I am still miserable, my tools($40,000), have not moved.

So my questions are these--

Why did my mind go blank?

Why was I so scared?

Why do I feel, beaten?

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