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schizoafective,bi-polar and depression


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my son ahas been diagnoised with schiozoaffective disi\order,bi-polar and depression. he is 29 years old now. he is on invega 12mg,and cymbalta. he has been doing well so far, though his mwdication dosage has just been changed. is invega the same as risperdal? on risperdal injections he did good also. the dr, has been changing his meds so often, but now he has bee good for about a week. i am wondering how long this will keep up. i also suggested some x-rays, to be taken from his dr. to confirm schizoaffective disoder, will this help? i hate to see him constantly having his meds chanded. will x-rays be more helpful with the dr.? my heart is breaking for him. mom

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Sharon,

X Rays will show nothing about Schizoaffective disorder because it cannot show up that way and, therefore, there is no point to it.

When you ask how long will this go on, the answer is not one that you wil like. Schizoaffective disorder is a chronic mental disease. That means that there is no cure. Medications can control his symptoms. Usually, medications and dosages are regulated, adjusted and changed by the psychiatrists because the patient continues to have serious symptoms. It is important that you remain patient with this process. All the research shows that those patients with this type of illness do much better if their families are supportive. Your son needs you to be supportive and that means not pressuring him, believing in his doctors and recognizing and admitting the fact of this illness.


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please, what is the best treatment for him. the meds he is taking is not working. we are seeing the dr. thursday, hopefully she will change them again. he seems to be having opposite thoughts to his personality. i mean, he has dreams which portray him to be the opposite to his natural nature. does this make sense? he has been showing alot of frustration, for he sometimes confuses reality from fantasy. he is seeing a social worker and a psychiatrist. i feel he need more. please advise. desperate mom

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