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How can i overcome my small penis mindset?


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So here goes. I'm in my mid forties and i have suffered, unkowingly, from small penis syndrome, all of my life. I have just now come to this realisation after a renewed search about manhood sizes. In my mind, ever since i was a young teenager, i have been convinced i have a tiny penis. I have never, ever, let anyone see my flacid penis, and only a few women have seen my erect penis. In public toilets i always avoid peeing next to someone i know, in outside situations i will always pee out of view of others. In public changing rooms i go to all kinds of legnths to hide my manhood. In swimming pools i will not wear tight trunks, as i have no bulge which i find deeply embarassing. I have had many opportunities in my life to be with girls, and ducked most of the opportunities as i have been so worried about the girl seeing and reacting to my penis, and perhaps spreading the word that i am small. All of my friends are dating different girls regularly. I cant do it for the fear of having to let a girl see my penis. Now, here is the strangest part. I am aware my penis is above average size, yet my mindset remains the same. It was probably ten plus years ago when i first googled, and learned how to measure my penis, and learned what the average size is for a man. Yet here i am today, mid forties, still googling, still measuring, still avoid sexual encounters, still 100% convinced i have a tiny penis, still convinced it is much smaller than all of my friends even though i dont know their sizes. So, what size am i? Flacid legnth 4", girth 3.5". Erect legnth 6.3", girth 4.7". Reading online about national averages, it would seem i am doing ok, slightly above average. Yet i first had this knowledge over 10 years ago and here i am today, still utterly convinced i have a tiny penis, and convinced i am smaller than everyone i know, and scared my friends might find out about my tiny penis and make jokes about it. It has been a lifelong issue for me, it has caused me to miss out on so many opportunities with girls. Some may suggest i should speak to a therapist, but i know i wont do that. I guess i am just cursed, doomed forever to live with this mindset.

Anyone else here dealing with this issue?

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I was the same as you but life is to short mate I am now 59 and and its slowing down and I am now think why did I do that I am 3 inches soft and just under 7 hard. I have been like you the most of your life and please listen to me go and see someone and get it sorted life is to short and you are wasting time that you could be enjoying . some people have  lossed there lives over this as I know with been on here if I can help in any way just ask mate.

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Hey, I’m in the same boat man. I’m above average. My wife says I’m big. I think she’s just humoring me though. I think I’m small. I’ve even went to counseling. It’s hell, man. Thanks for sharing. It’s good, at least, to talk honestly and tell someone how I feel.

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WTF 6.3 is a dream for too many men i wish my penis get back to 6" im 4inchs now and i don't know how i lost 2inchs i guess because i gained some weight but i lost weight too and still even with bone pressed only half inch gained this is a curse 2inchs evaporated🤕

So you need to WAKE UP because your penis is REALLY above average it means "big more than enough" and you need to REMEMBER each time that you are lucky ,many man dream to have your size and i'm one of them.

move on and start using proudly your 6.3 engine before you get older and have big regrets which will bring you nothing but sadness. GO kick asses my monster your bird is checked and ready to fly high in the sky.


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