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Hi All,

I have major depression, and I have not been on my medicine since Sept. I take lexapro and seroquel, and I think both of them are making my blood pressure high. I finally got health ins at my new job that starts this month, so I am going to get my blood pressure under control with meds so I can hopefully take my meds again. I think I figured out it may be the seroquel making my blood pressure high because I am still taking it for sleep (from when i was taking it to counteract the lexapro from giving me insomnia), and the bp is still high. So I guess I am going to have to find some other sleep aid besides seroquel when I go back on lexapro.

Anyhow, since I have been off my meds I have not been myself. It seems like I have to force myself to do things every day. Sunday nights are the worst for me, I always feel very lonely and get anxious about going to work the next day. I also have asthma, and sometimes people's perfumed lotions will make me have to take my inhaler, so I am always worried about my breathing. Sometimes I get irritable at work and don't want to be around anyone, but I work at a call center so I am always around plenty of people. My husband works a lot so I only have one day off that I get to see him. So I spend Sunday off by myself, and I guess I get a bit lonely as I have no friends here, and i have dysfunctional family that I don't liek to talk to very much (except for my sister), but they live in a different state anyhow. So if anyone would liek to chat sometime, let me know.



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