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what's wrong with me??


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i eat whatever i want, but it seems that i never gain weight. i feel that i look underweight and anorexic. my hands and feet are always cold, and never seem to warm up. i get aches in my back, somtimes itll be in the lower part or my upper back. but i don't work out or anything so i cant see why my back would hurt for any reason. i have a poor memory, and never seem to remember when im supposed to do stuff, like homework or housework.

im always tired, and have dark circles around my eyes, although i try to take as many naps during the week as i can. even if i feel as awake as i can be then i still find myself yawning at all hours of the day.

sometimes even after i eat then i my stomach growls as if i haven't eaten a thing. Other times ill be hungry like all day but then when i try to eat then my stomach feels full very quickly. And after that i feel if i eat anymore then ill be sick.

I think that's everything...so if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or advice

get back to me please.

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Hi roses, welcome to the community. What you describe seems a little odd, but a few questions that come to mind are: How much sleep are you getting exactly? Is your diet balanced? Is your body still growing (the body tends to continue growing until about 20 or so)? Have you mentioned these symptoms to a doctor?

Perhaps it would be useful to make notes to the answers of these questions – and any others you find important - so that a doctor can get a better picture of your daily habits.

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