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Hey again everyone, I'd really like to know how many prophesies of doomsday and end of days have been said would happen in our time or times before for the reason that I want to know my fears are nothing to be concerned about.

One I am extremely worried about is the Verichip being the mark of the beast. The end of days is one thing but the mark of the beast is as scary as it gets in my book. How many things like the verichip have people blown out of proportion thinking that life was going to end and God has forsaken us(not really) and stuff like that so that I know that what I'm worried about is BS(Bull synthesis):(

So I want to know 1: what are prophesies that were blown out of proportion.

2: Am I worrying about the verichip for no good reason especially about talk of it one day being mandatory(though I would never dear get it so be prepared to see me on the news if that happens).

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I have a personal interest in conspiracy theories of all types but I rarely take them seriously. I am not religious so I don't spend much time worrying about the apocalypse.

That said, I think many frightening things are possible in regards to our future if people do not take a firm stance on demanding that their privacy and personal autonomy be defended. I am very disturbed by things such as the prevalance of CCTV cameras in Britain and the fact that people are beginning to have their DNA and internet search records stored indefinitely. I think that we are reaching a point technologically where it is now possible to know and record every single possible thing about a person, ranging from their activities and their past to their very essence on a cellular level (DNA).

I wouldn't say you're overreacting, I would only say that it is likely fruitless to worry about such a thing occuring. If you are really against the Verichip, speak out against it and help ensure that it never happens. If you want to know how many "end of the world" scenarios have been predicted but haven't come true, try googling. There are literally hundreds. There are some people who are convinced the world will end in 2012 by a polar shift, a planet called Nibiru flying by us and throwing us out of orbit (I think if there was a giant planet headed our way in 3 years we'd see it in the sky at this point), or the Mayans predicting our appliances coming alive and killing us. I don't put much stock in anything that doesn't have some factual basis to back it up, personally.

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