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i need help


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hi to who ever is readin this i think im goin crazy in a sence the last few weeks iv been split up from my girlfriend of 6 years all of a sudden she tells me she dont love me no more and iv lost my home and everything iv worked for. and since then im not sleepin i get up when my familly are a sleep and take walks to the motorway bridge and i keep thinkin off jumppin off and other ways to kill myself . can any one help me please

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I know the feeling, i am going through a similar feeling right now.

I am going to talk to a doctor about this in the morning.

Sometimes i think that a lot of things happen to people and through no fault of thier own, they just can't cope. It doesn't make us bad people, it just happens and there are people out there that can help put it right. You just need to take the step to do it, to go and see someone or just break down to someone and let it all out. maybe you will feel better.

I don't think suicide is the answer, because i know that in a few years you / me, we will find happiness again and will wonder why we ever felt this way. Probably even laugh about it. Its just hard getting there, I know. I haven't got out of bed for 3 days, I have thought about killing myself, but i am scared, also there is so much i want to do, i just need to get out of this mess so i can function and do things again, I am sure you feel the same somewhere inside.

If you ever need to talk, do, i am always online, find me.

Ps. keep your chin up :P

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I hope you feel better soon. It can be so difficult with people and a break-up after 6 years is the worst. But you can get through it! Are there any support groups (like one of the various 12 step ones that may apply) around where you are? I used to drink over feeling bad and AA saved my life.

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Guest ASchwartz

I want to really thank Sciencegirl and Lalu22 for their excellent advice to Andydon. You are both right on target. :)

Andydon, breaking up is always painful and there is a tendency to think that life is all over and you will never love or be loved again. This is not true. That is why suicide is not the way. You need to give your self the chance to grieve and heal. That is why a support group and could be very helpful or, if you feel in danger of hurting yourself, go to the emergency room, tell them you are thinking of suicide and the reason why and they will help you. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Could you tell us more about your self and the break up?


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