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I posted this on another forum and wanted to share here, too.......

I wonder just how unique this may be, or maybe some of you had something similar happen to you?

A couple years ago, I had a vision of this orangy/neon like spiral leave my forehead. Then, maybe days or weeks after, I had that same sensation of something knocking me in the chest - almost knocked the wind out of me...... I literally almost fell over. I then had a "dream," around this same time frame, of me on my back patio being held by this man that was kneeling over me and running his gloved hand over me. The next morning my kitchen door was unlocked and I always double check the door!

All of this preceded the hearing of voices. I've been trying to piece my world back together ever since. I have felt like I don't belong and that nothing matters like it did before. Strange feelings. I used to be very sensitive emotionally, too. Not anymore and if I do cry, I feel like it's being shared, if that makes sense.

I wanted to add that I was first OOB and looking down on us from somewhere high up. The porch light was on but there seemed to be a nother bright light behind me. I could only see the back of his head, then I was seeing through his eyes, looking down at me - then I was in my body again. It felt wrong and I couldn't move my body, like I was paralyzed. I was trying to open my eyes and managed to open them a crack, then he turned away and said "no, don't look at my face, Kim" then I think I kinda whimpered and fell asleep. I also have a vague memory of walking back to my house through the side gate.

I hear they are testing some of us. This one guy I heard was saying he worked in a lab - I'm assuming a sleep research lab, from all the dream talk I've heard from THEM........ whoever they are. The watchers. They're here with me everyday. Thank goodness I don't have to hear them anymore, it's very faint.

This has never scared me - what I've been going through - I've found it fascinating, but these days I just wish they would leave me alone, it's getting old....... though I do have some fantastic lucid dreams with some of them guiding me through them.

Take care out there :P


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That's an interesting report. How do you make sense of it? Do you understand it to be a report on some events that have actually taken place, or do you understand these expereinces to be more like dreams or hallucinations?

It is certainly not an everyday experience you're reporting. The experience that your thoughts are directly shared with unknown others is reported fairly frequently by people who are experiencing hallucinations, and not generally by people who aren't.


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Have you ever heard of "astral travel".It tends to happen when you are sleeping and is mistaken for dreams. It is when you feel like you have left your body. In this book that I have read, it say's it " is a feeling of sensation of moving against a roaring wind,which is not actually wind at all but our own rapid forward movement instead. It can happen more often to people with debilitating illnesses or who are struggling physchology wise. They are some of the most vivid and memorable dreams ever." It is pretty much summed up to our spirits leaving our bodies for a short time, an escape of some sorts. People, places and things feel very real. I don't know exactly what your situation is, but you seem to think it feels different than what you have experienced before. How did you first recognize that something was going on that was not right? When were you diagnosed?

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Hi Kim,

I just wanted to say Hi! :)

I find your report quite interesting and wonder if you have had a repetitive dream of this or this situation. I think it is good that you are not freaked out by this and find it more interesting then scary.

I am also wondering if you could explain more of what paranoia would be like for someone experiancing it?

Thanks and take care;)

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