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lack of sleep


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I'm so tired. I barly sleep. I sleep about two hours maybe four a night. I sleep all day and stay up all night. I believe it's from my medicine welbrutrin and prozac. I know prozac makes you stay up, but this welbrutrin is kicking my "ass". I'm so sleepy it's silly. I'm so tired :confused:. Any suggestion? I really don't want to take anymore pills. But I might have too.

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Hi AndreaB,

I think this is something you need to ask the pdoc about. Sleep problems can arise from many different things, meds are one aspect. Another could be night anxiety, well that's what I call it. All the anxiety which is not processed from the day and passed anxieties trigger each other and the mind wont just not rest. However I don't sleep during the day. The day sleeping could be due to not getting the night rest required as well.

I would suggest that you talk to the medication prescriber though, lack of sleep creates so many more issues.

Take care,


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi AndreaB,

I am NOT a psychiatrist but I can tell you from working with them and with patients on these medications, that you can adjust the time when you take them. If it makes you feel sleepy then take it before bedtime. It should pass after a while. However, I must tell you that you should really speak to your Psychiatrist. I always tell patients to inform the doctor about side effects.


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