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tired of the depression :(


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I'm tired of this depression it's so hard to deal with and I want to know WHY I have it? WHY do I have to suffer? I know this may sound selfish but at this point in time I don't care :mad:. Everyday it's the same thing I want to just die quit honestly yesterday I wanted to kill myself right now I want to die. I'm at work writing this a part of me feels sane and another part feels insane. Ny boyfriend and family God if I had a chance I would just leave them all my life is worthless I'm worthless. I ain't shit and I never will be. I hate myself. I dislike who I am what I am. Here I feel comfortable expressing myself I just don't have the strenght to fight depression anymore. It takes to much mental physical and emotional strenght to endure. I have nothing life for me isn't worth living. I'm 24 and this is my life everyday:eek:. I wish I could just go away forever because I feel like shit and I suffer everyday of my life. I HATE MYSELF SO MUCH!!!!!!! This illness is to much I want ot just give up....I might just do that I'm tired :)

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi AndreaB,

I know that at one point you were taking prozac. Are you still on it or was it changed? Are you telling your psychiatrist about your symptoms?

Also, medication alone is not the answer. Psychotherapy is enormously important and particularly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I seem to remember your saying that you are not in psychotherapy. Am I right and, if I am, what about getting yourself into therapy?

Allan :)

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