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is anybody out there?

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This is a general purpose mental health support community and you cannot count on answers from any single person (or any for that matter). A variety of people from different walks of life may respond, if they feel they have something to contribute. I get to the community when my time allows, which is generally several times a week and I try to answer questions at those times. I can't guarentee that I will respond to any particular questions, but generally I do get to most.


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Not so much abandoned as not used yet. This community is only about two months old, believe it or not. We're just getting started.

What is it that helps you get through the day, if I may ask? talking helps for many people. Sometimes just sharing your experience, and sometimes asking for help and advice.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Fear and Loathing,

Welcome to our support site. I also want people to discuss their experiences with BPD but could you tell us a little about yourself and why you are told you have BPD?


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