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My first visit with my shrink

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I had my first visit with my shrink last week. My visit was a huge failure and it took so much for me to see this fool. I waited over a half hour for a twenty minute visit which I'm sure it would have done me a lot more good to go to the zoo to watch the monkey's throw poo at each other. I told this guy what my concerns were and as this fast visit moved on I finally asked him if we were speaking the same language. Guess you could say we butted heads right off. At the end of this mess the guy was making copies of something while I waited and he handed me papers on personality disorders. Is this his way of telling me what he suspects? I have a bad taste in my mouth now. I know I'm in need of some help after finding my brother dead in October. A bad visit with a new shrink didn't help. I know I speak my mind and I suspect this guy was put off by that. I guess finding a good Doc is a crap shoot. I know the best Doc is found by word of mouth but I'm fairly new to Texas so that's out. How do I find a shrink that won't make me feel like having a poo fest at the zoo?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Sweatpea,

Why did it take so long to get an appointment with this person? Twenty minutes is definitely a "rip off" in my opinion. Did you pay for this? You really do need to find a better therapist than this and there are plenty of them in Texas. Do an Internet search or search Psychology Today Magazine: http://www.psychologytodaymagazine.com

They list therapists by geography and they make certain they have their credentials. Each therapist lists their specialities and they will list those who treat personality disorders which might fit if that is the problem.


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