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Remaining Assertive with Aggression ...


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hiya :)

My basic query is this ... how do you remain assertive(i'm ok, your ok) with someone who is being aggressive (I'm ok, your not ok) with you ?

I am a 'vulnerable adult' living in supported accomodation until I can get my own place. I am regularly interacting with the staff at this home and am coming into a lot of what in my opinion seems to be 'critical paranting' events. I feel resentment at being spoken to as though I am a child and idiot. I suspect that if I confront whomever is doing it about it they will simply say something like 'thats your opinion' or critisise my character, whcih will just really anger me even more.

My problem is that I am trying to be assertive but don't feel respected or heard by the people I talk to. The trouble is I often feel the 'victim' and can ruminate for hours over the simplest little thing and I'm tired of it. I feel powerless because of mental health issues and the situation I'm in.

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