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Within the past two years two of my older brothers have both gotten married. I have had issues in the past with one of my sister-in-laws so we have never gotten along very well and rarely speak. and now her and my other sister- in-law have grown very close so we are growing apart as well. Whenever I go home for family get togethers I feel now like I have to watch what I do, because my sister-in-laws and now even my brothers pick on me as much as possible playing it off like they are joking around. I've tried to talk with my parents about this and at first they were very supportive but now I think since it's been a long time now, I think they think I'm just trying to be difficult and want me to grow up and get over it. I go home and try my best to have a positive attitude and be nice to them, but it seems like they always say one thing that gets under my skin and ruins my day there. It's getting to the point where I don't want to go home and cry when I hear any get togethers at my brothers' homes. I really love my family and want to go back to when I would look forward to going home and spending time with them. Can anyone give me any advice?


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I applaud you for trying to cope with the problem by speaking with your parents... however, I think you should speak directly with the people who are upsetting you. Can you have a direct and honest chat with your sisters in law and your brothers about your feelings?

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