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past troubles


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I have similar problems -- I tend to ruminate over things in the past that have embarrassed me, hurt me, or made me angry, or that I feel guilty about. I get stuck in mental ruts where that's all I can seem to think about.

Going to therapy has definitely helped with this; my therapist helps me talk about things and then put them away, so I feel less obsessive.


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I think it's safe to say that our memories - pleasant or otherwise - bring us here to communities like Mental Help Net so that we can reach out for some third party input. Personally, I sought out a place to vent my concerns because I did not feel comfortable talking about it within my local community. Sometimes giving oneself the opportunity or permission to write about what is bothering you will help sort out your thoughts on the matter.

If you'd like, you can continue to share your thoughts here with us. Maybe it will helpful to simply put them out.

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