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Mothers Day


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I called my mother yesterday. I didn't know who she was. She acted strange, a little phony and almost as if I had inconvenienced her from something else. I had tried to call her all last week with no luck. Talking with her yesterday, I asked..."where have you been all week?"..."busy" is the answer I get. I ask her about her plans for the day and her answers are short and simple. I feel like I have done something wrong, why the cold and distant responses. I mailed her a card but like usual for me, I didn't mail it until Thursday, so she won't get it till today or Tuesday (a bit late). To her, I'm sure that is unacceptable. Since I mailed it late, I wonder why I mailed it at all. I didn't say anything about sending her a card, is that why she is so upset? Ever since I moved a few hours away 2 months ago, the phone calls are few and far between. When I did live near her, I rarely saw her. She is impossible to make happy. I wonder if to her, Mothers Day is not a celebration but rather a reminder. I guess Mothers Day is for someone else's mother!

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Late or not, the purpose is to let her know you appreciate her. It's a great goal to try and make close friends and family happy, but people can get caught up in their own emotions that don't jive with the goal. If it means a lot to you, maybe you can ask your mother directly if something is bothering her and whether you can do something?

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