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I've been thinking about committing suicide for the past few days or has it been weeks. I sometimes feel like there is no point of living and feel like ending my life. I know I shouldn't kill myself but I really want to sometimes. Please help me!!!:)

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I can really feel your pain, because I've been in exactly the same place as you for many years (Actually I'd attempted it several times, resulting in extreme anguish of my loved ones).

Have you seen any professionals yet? You should definitely do that if there's any possibility of harming yourself. And, have you consulted with your close people or anybody around you about this? Their understanding and assistance will also be of great help to you.

As you know both negative and positive ways of thinking could be habitual. Maybe it is too tough for you to think only pleasant thoughts right now, but at least you can try to kick the bad ones out of your head:rolleyes:

At all events don't force yourself anything, just rest and wait out the storm. I'm really sorry there's not much I can do for you, but if you feel like talking, I'm here to listen:)

Do u wish to talk

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Please don't kill yourself. I know it's so hard to handle when life has you by the throat and is beating you relentlessly. But things do get better. They do, it's just a matter of time. I know waiting is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you feel the way you do. I know how you feel. I think about suicide everyday, and the only reason I haven't gone through with it, is because I know it would kill my mother. I guarantee you that there will be people who will miss you so much it hurts. It will help to find those people and try to surround yourself with them. They love you so much and will let you know. Hang in there =).

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