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is it normal or just to much?


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i am dealing with many issues and hopeing i can learn a new patteren.. so sexualy from the start i have been able to last for many hoursin a lot of cases with out climax.. im 34 and my last excursion was 7 hours.. in some instances 16 hours with 5 climaxes.. i have a huge appatite but wonder it its normal.. and yes there have been times of only 2 hours but i usually want more.. is this normal?

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Are you talking about sex with a partner or masturbation? If you are having sex for this long with a willing partner who also enjoys the marathon than I can't see how this would be a problem...unless your job, health, ability to go out and do other things if you want to etc..., are being affected. If you are masturbating for these periods of time, I don't know if I would call it a problem unless you feel like you have a problem. The tricky part about many issues of mental health is that the person asking the question has to have some sort of judgment about their own life and behavior before anyone else can tell them that something may be wrong.

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no its strait sex. masturbation dont work so well. most woman cant believe it but enjoy a marathon.. was just wondering since no woman i have been around have had more than 2 hours. just wanted to know if it was to extreme or a condition.. i was in a much better place when i posted this now sex is the farthest thing from my mind

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